Tips & Tricks

Planning your deck? You may want to consider…

  • Think about how you plan on using your deck.

Is it mainly for parties, family activities or sunbathing? You should consider whether you need steps/stairs, extra built in seating, privacy screens or a platform for the BBQ.

  • How many people will the deck need to accommodate at any one time?

This will affect the size and shape you decide upon.

  •  Will you be using the deck for outdoor dining?

We’ve previously incorporated bench seating into the deck, which looks great and provides extra space saving seating and storage.

  •  Will young children or small pets use the deck?

If so you may want to consider enclosing the sides, to prevent young explorers from hiding underneath!

  • Is the new deck in full view of your neighbours or the general public?

We can add screens, gates and even fencing to make it more private.

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